Salix lasiolepis

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Salix lasiolepis
COMMON NAME(S): Arroyo willow
FAMILY: SALICACEAE - Willow family
ORIGIN: Western United States
HABITAT: Stream banks at low to medium altitudes
HEIGHT: 7-20' (up to 40' in its most southern habitats)
CHARACTERISTICS: Smooth, yellowish to brown bark
LEAVES: Alternate, simple, variable, mainly narrowly oblanceolate to narrowly oblong or elliptic-oblong, margins curled under, smooth and dark green above, distinctly paler with a waxy coating below; deciduous
FLOWERS: Male and female borne on separate trees, in more or less erect catkins; individual flowers, very small, equipped with nectar glands; appearing before the leaves
FLOWERING SEASON: February to April
FRUITS: A small capsule which splits at maturity to discharge silky-haired seeds


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