Pinus sylvestris

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pinus sylvestris
COMMON NAME(S): Scotch pine
FAMILY: PINACEAE - Pine family
ORIGIN: Northern Europe
HABITAT: Cultivated as Christmas trees and on reclamation sites, some landscape use
HEIGHT: 40-50'
CHARACTERISTICS: Bark has bright orange splashes, trees open, flat topped and spreading
LEAVES: Leaves in bundles of 2 held together at the base by tiny scales and shed as a group. needle-like,2-3" long: bluish green
FLOWERS: No true flowers, male and female structures separate, males in a short cluster at the base of young, long shoots, female in cones formed of overlapping scales
FRUITS: Conessingly or in clusters or 2-3, egg-shaped, 1.5-2.5" long, scales parting to release small brown seeds with a flat wing


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